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A Rug I Like

I like rugs, but no all the different kinds catch my eye. I am drawn more to the simpler ones, the more modern ones. I like black and white anything, as you all know. So a site selling a black and white rug caught my eye. The site is called The rug is called  Nuloom Cine Maze Marshmallow Area Rug. It is from The Cine Collection of Nuloom; a rug designing company.  I just love the Mod look to this rug. The oval and square like shapes in black and the white background gives it a unique look. This rug would be great in house of someone who is quite unique themselves. A person with a artistic side, but they also like modern furniture and simple colors.

They have other styles and colors there, by I just like this style the best. Check them out, you may find something that is more your style.

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Working with Black and White

I love to create designs in black and white. I like other colors don’t get me wrong, but the combination of black and white seems to draw me back every time I work on my artwork. I like the simple and bold statement that black and white makes. The contrast of the two colors just make a loud noise and expression. They said to the world, we know who we are and we are here to stay. The two colors together give off this kind of strength and sureness that speaks to the world and to me. I want to be more sure of myself, more bold to the world, and more confident in my work.

I just run across a site that talks about, and I quote ” unquestionably sophisticated and elegant” of black and white in interior design. The site is called ( Interior Design & Architecture), where they focus on fresh looks and styles in the Interior Design and Architecture Industries. Here is the link to the site –Interior Design – Black & White

Lately,I have been working on black and white designs and images. Here are a few of my designs.

Black and white speak to me a lot and hope they never stop. I want to be as strong and brave as those colors and I know I will.

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Learning Something New

Today, I decided to learn something today. I know how to use Adobe Illustrator, but it is always good to learn something or do something new. So I went to a site I love to search a lot called site by Von Glitschka. There is a lesson there that goes over creating characters from thumbnails to full color characters.

So Here is my Thumbnail stretch.

Here is the final design, What do you think?  I wanted to name him Mad Peanut, but I don’t think he looks that mad.  What Name would you give him? Also I would like to thank Von Glitschka for helping us artist out here learn something new. I was not great with characters, but since I have done one I am more welling to do more.

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