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A Rug I Like

I like rugs, but no all the different kinds catch my eye. I am drawn more to the simpler ones, the more modern ones. I like black and white anything, as you all know. So a site selling a black and white rug caught my eye. The site is called The rug is called  Nuloom Cine Maze Marshmallow Area Rug. It is from The Cine Collection of Nuloom; a rug designing company.  I just love the Mod look to this rug. The oval and square like shapes in black and the white background gives it a unique look. This rug would be great in house of someone who is quite unique themselves. A person with a artistic side, but they also like modern furniture and simple colors.

They have other styles and colors there, by I just like this style the best. Check them out, you may find something that is more your style.

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I Love Jonathan Adler

One thing I love to do is look at wonderful design work.  One designer I love is Jonathan Adler. His fun, colorful and chic style draws me in. He also does black and white designs that always get my attention.

I would love to work for him. I think I can learn a lot from him.

You can find his work here.

Jonathan Alder’s Site

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